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My dear baby,

I never thought that I would raise a son; I always pictured tea parties, barbie dolls and ballet ( not that you can't do any of those things if you want....but you are not appearing inclined at the moment). You are the most boyish boy I have ever met. You are wild, you are brave, you are fearless and you hit your head at least 20 times a day. I have a lot of new gray hair. You leap and yell and break things for the joy of it. 

I find myself laughing when you toot, feeling frustrated as you insist on throwing the cars down the elevator shaft instead of pushing them down the ramp, and feeling totally terrified when you get that glimmer in your eye at the top of the slide.

You are curious, you are empathetic, you are tender and true. I adore your bold heart, your sweet soul. Every day you embark with a wild enthusiasm on your adventures.

denver child lifestyle photography
denver child lifestyle photography
Denver child lifestyle photography
denver child lifestyle photography

You are my Star, my Shah, the twin center of my universe.