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It seems like a big commitment; 1 whole year of photographs. What if we move? What if i have a major life change and can't afford it halfway through? What if my child cries at every session???


These are all valid concerns and we can totally talk about them together ( at your in person consult !) Let's talk here about why it's a good idea!

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Most parents are planning for their newborn session. Those first 2 magical weeks of wonder and amazement where you can hardly believe this perfect little baby was allowed to go home with you. As a parent, you are more than willing to plan/endure a (very sweaty and long) newborn session in order to capture the details, the perfection of this most precious baby.  

The milestone and first birthday seem so far away as to be basically not real. 

But let's be real; that first year goes by so fast and you are so sleep deprived that you are lucky if you remember even a 1/3 of it. 

Denver lifestyle child and family photography

By the time we get to 6-8 months, you are just catching your breath and calling your photographer to plan a milestone is a laughably low priority chore. If you didn't have one already on deck ( and I start calling you around 6 months to get one on the calendar) you are probably just going to iPhone it and move on........ but then you'd miss this! The rolls, the giggles, the impossible enormous love, YOU in the pictures. 

Denver lifestyle child and baby photography 

Something about the progression of our love, the passage of time and the size of the child in our arms changing. There is a perfect beauty in watching your partner grow into their parenthood; from fear and delicate worry to rough housing and confident belly laughter. A one year plan will capture that change, that growth and beauty for you.

Denver lifestyle baby and child photography

By the time your child turns one; you are bulletproof. You both survived the first year. Your relationship is completely different, your sense of self is totally changed and you have a record of all of it to treasure, to show your child as they grow up and to pass on to your grandchildren and great grandchildren as your legacy of love. 

What's in the BabyRose One Year plan?? 

-Three 90-minute milestone sessions over the year: 
newborn, your choice of 3, 6, or 9 months, and 1 year. 

-One  10 x 20 storyboard
(4-6 images) 

-One  10 x 10, 50 image, with custom text
BabyBook Album 

-One Baby’s Board Book
(ABC custom design) 

One 16X 20 Wood Print

Add on milestone mini - sessions
(25 minutes each)