As I prepare my house to go up for sale, I clean through boxes and BOXES of stuff that we've moved house to house without ever opening.  I have found some little treasures and A LOT of stuff I cannot believe I have been carting around for this long. 


I pulled out my negative files that stretch all the way back to my first few rolls of THere's a lot of awful in there but there's also the beginnings of what I love in my current work. 


I miss shooting manual focus and film. I have been toying around with the idea of getting my old Zeiss repaired and bringing it along to shoots. 

Anyways, there aren't many images and they are degraded and just scanned in directly ( nothing fancy here ) but they certainly do make my heart smile.

I think it's funny how even in the baby steps of photography, I knew I loved working with children and their special brand of joy and luck. One of the things that has carried over to know (18 years later!!!!) is the way I like to just play with a child and get to know them and then capture who they actually are. Each little person is so unique and I adore meeting so many awesome little dudes and dudettes ( does anyone say that anymore?)