twin 6 month old child photography 

Man, I love twins!! I really, really do. I also love milestone sessions; babies that were barely eyes open when I met them are now funny and interested and full of new tricks and sounds. 

These two were actually my only birth in 2015 and I spent a full 12 hours capturing the intense and amazing day of their coming into the world. I then made their newborn portraits in the peace and love of their home. So, I was pretty excited to see them and all the milestones they've conquered. 

twin baby photography denver

When I asked mom to list off which things she wanted to focus on for the milestone with Kaylee & Cavan, she said that she wanted it to just reflect day to day life with the twins. So we captured breakfast, tubby time and playtime. And man, these kids are CUTE. 

bathtime twins photography denver milestone 
twin baby photography denver
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twin baby photography
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