I met Susie's mom when I was 18 ( that was a WHILE ago); we were assigned as roommates our first year of college. We were impossibly young and naive. We didn't much like each other at first, instead arguing over little things like laundry and big things like life experiences. Over time, we fell into a friendship and ultimately she remains a dear piece of my heart. 

Since I moved to Denver and we both had kids, we haven't had a chance to see each other. On a trip back home to see family, I had the most amazing chance to spend some time with Tara, Sergio & darling little Susie!

When I asked Sergio about how he felt about fatherhood, he said “ Before we had Susie, I could only measure parenting by what I would lose. Now that we have her, I can only measure gains.

It was so amazing to see all the best parts of Tara and Sergio blooming in their daughter, the joy, the fearless enthusiasm for life, the bold and silly personality, the intensity towards language and reading.  What a pure joy it was to spend this time together.