Late last year, I donated a session to Baby+Co. for a mama's night out mixer they were having. I was super super excited to have Natasha win the session and we immediately hit it off talking about our crazy kids and the joys and complications of motherhood.  


We planned to do an in home session celebrating her daughter, Rumi's first birthday.

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Sometimes, a family's feelings for each other, their lifestyle and their vibe just is so overwhelmingly awesome that as a photographer you just shut up and let it happen and love it. This little family was just amazing. Their joy and true love for eachother permeated the house, every corner and decoration reflected care and thought. These three were living an honest life in front of my lens that Sunday morning. 

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I know I've talked about cake smashing on the blog before and how it's SUPER hit or miss with one year olds... Rumi was all over it! I have to say that since I've dropped the formality surrounding the smash, it tends to be a LOT more fun.

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Love is surviving the first year and still curling up on the couch to ask, " how was your day dear?" I asked them if I could move in with them at this point.....

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