As a photographer, I spent every moment that I'm behind a camera, chasing the illusive 'perfect light'.  Golden, gorgeous and rich.

Since I live in a state that has winter and our winter can be pretty brisk, I've had to adjust lately and embrace the dreaded "indoor light"! Limited, narrow and harsh. 

denver lifestyle photographer

I've been focusing this past week or so on making the most out of the weirdest light situations. It's wonderful to stretch your craft and grow in ways you didn't foresee. I had always avoided super dark rooms, for what I felt were obvious reasons; but since I'm being adventurous with my work, I picked the darkest room in my house to work in . 

denver lifestyle photographer

To my total surprise and delight, I am so in love with this image AND I didn't have to get crazy with my settings to achieve it. Risk taking for the win!