Mentoring with BabyRose

Over the last year, I’ve been truly floored to meet and connect with so many amazing photographers and humans, I’ve had the great joy to teach at workshops and run my course, From Within, and by doing so, I’ve been witness to some truly exceptional growth.  Watching photographers enter my course, unsure and timid, with work they love but aren’t sure why and over time bloom into photographers who can confidently say, “I make this type of Art because it’s who I am”, is the greatest joy of my heart!


I cannot wait to connect to more artistic hearts and souls that need a little push, a little direction, a little nurturing to help them grow. Let’s sit down and make it happen together.


The Business

Do you need a new set of eyes on your social media presence?

Do you want to clean up your website, streamline your portfolio and hook the perfect client that hires you to make what you love to make?

Are you struggling with pricing, choosing products, branding?


The Work

Do you struggle with culling, workflow, editing?

Do you blank out during a session and come home frustrated?

Are you overwhelmed by gear options, finding the right labs and presets?


The Art

Do you struggle with 'consistency' in your work?

Are you unsure why sometimes your work fills your heart up and other times doesn't?

Do you feel like you're just grinding away at photography without making something special?

Do you need to find your voice?

One on One Workshop

Not Enough? Need more? How about a shoot together and then we go edit and cull and chat for a few hours? You can ask questions in the moment about light, connecting to clients, angles or whatever you want to know! We can spend time culling, deciding which frames are good keepers and WHY together. We can look at editing and try new things. We can chat :)