Looking to elevate your work, find your voice, & produce painterly and complex visual work?

“The BabyRose presets are magical. They turn the images in my mind into the images on my screen, they allow me to enhance, deepen and intensify the emotion I always hope to convey in my images. Intimate images of motherhood, birth, newborns, maternity and family. There’s not be one session yet where I haven’t been able to apply them. All of my award winning photographs have been edited with these presets. They’re the best investment I’ve made yet.”

-Sarah Widnyana of Life & Lens Photography

The Painters - a thoughtful collection of presets designed to emulate the rich tones of master painters through the ages

“I struggled greatly to find a preset that both conveyed emotion and authenticity. These do it. These presets took my work to another level and finally gave me the true to life yet moody look I have searched for. In these I am home.”

Sarah Elizabeth Maverick of Maverick Organic Art Co.

The Skin Collection - a beautiful collection of presets made to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of a wide range of skin tones.