Mentoring with BabyRose


Last year,

I was in my third year as a professional photographer. I was feeling overworked and was definitely underpaid; (when I sat down with my accountant mid-year, we discovered that I was earning less than minimum wage). I confided to Keziah that I was thinking of closing up shop and moving on to another career. After several meetings regarding my current business practices, marketing, branding, pricing, and sales, my business made a complete 180 degree turnaround. Though the work was difficult, and I had to rethink how I was running my business, I am now confident in my art, my pricing, my product, and myself. My income for the first quarter of the year was five times what it was last year. I feel confident during product sales meetings, and I have beautiful samples to share with clients. I have re-branded all of my work, and clients are very complimentary about my websites. In short, I am now the owner of a thriving photography business, and I have time to enjoy both my work and my life.

- Katy M.