This awesome family won their mini session with me from a facebook promo I did in January!! I was SUPER excited when they won because I have worked with them once before and they were adorable AND in the meantime they went and had TWINS!!!

Their mini was in their home and just as soon as I arrived, little Avery was busy showing me every room in the house and carefully explaining the purposes of said rooms to me!  It was so cute and I was impressed with how much he's matured since the last time I saw him.  It's so cool to be able to watch children grow through my lens and see them develop into such interesting humans. 

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The twins were absolutely precious ( although rather exhausted since we planned a sunset shoot) and so we moved just as fast as we could to grab shots of everyone.  


Logan gave up the fight against sleep somewhere along the way and while we all love seeing awake babies, you can't deny the absolute preciousness of a sleeping baby.  

Little Harper was very curious and a little unsure of what exactly I was up to; what a doll!!!