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Letters to my son- 23 months

As we approach your 2nd birthday, I find myself full of cliche's " it went so fast!", " you're just a baby to me, always!".  I cannot believe you are so big already, and yet I look ahead and see action figure fights, second grades crushes, prom and college all approaching at breakneck speed. 


I try to just enjoy you now, the way you are; full of jokes and weird toddler humor. You have refined your sense of humor to include more elaborate set ups and now announce, in case we don't agree, that you are SO FUNNY.  You are, my love, you are so funny; and you are so much more. You've developed all kind of new tricks and sometimes while you are talking to me ( really talking now) I find that I am just staring at the baby parts of you to hang on to your childhood. Your mop of baby curls, your dimples that are always around since you are always smiling, your little 'dad bod', your chubby fingers and newly calloused feet.


You are my little star, my perfect gift.