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Why Print?

Since I have moved into a full service model, I have pleasure every week in opening packages from my labs and viewing my work in its printed form.


It's truly astounding and the first few wood prints I received back, I actually cried upon opening them.  As an artist, seeing my work made real and tangible is so gratifying and satisfying, I can't even imagine going back to just handing people a disc. 



For my clients, however, there's some confusion over why I no longer offer digitals or "just a disc".  

I get that. I really, actually do. I'm not going back though and here's why.


For nearly ALL of my clients, when I ask them what they did with the disc, there's an awkward pause and then they shamefacedly say....uhm, it's in my desk. Or something in that vein. We have awesome intentions. We are totally going to take that disc to Target and get lots of prints and then go to Ikea and buy lots of frames and then take a Saturday and lay out an awesome wall grouping and then HANG THEM UP.  But then, life happens and we have kids and play dates and other stuff to do at target and we aren't sure which pictures look best together and measuring for that wall grouping?!??! no way. 

I realized that part of my JOB is to make sure my clients have their images in their hands or on their walls when we are done, not just halfway there. I am a professional and part of that professional duty is to help clients pair their images together and build their wall groupings and give them access to professional labs whose images are color true and will last lifetimes.

Seeing the work on my clients walls, in their hands as heirloom's beyond words. 

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