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Jaxon : A fresh 48 & Newborn Story

We all know that Freshies are just about my favorite thing and this sweet snowy day was no exception to that rule! Little Jaxon Luke had made his appearance in the world and I ran right over to meet him! 

This little one had the most adorable chunky cheeks and the most impossibly awful smelling gas! It was a wild ride of " awww how cute and OMG what is that ?!?!" Good thing he was so adorable!! Mom and dad didn't care, and of course neither did I, too funny though. 

All of a sudden, it's two weeks later and I'm on my way to see that babe in his house; all snuggled up with mom and dad, and fur siblings! Everyone was settled into a nice routine and of course, a little bit obsessed with the new family memeber.

Many children are wished for and celebrated; this little one was SO wished for and his arrival was greeted with that impossible euphoria of a dream come true. 

Welcome to the World Jaxon, you are so very very loved already!