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Toddlerhood with my sweet wild son | Denver Lifestyle Photography


Toddlerhood with my sweet wild son | Denver Lifestyle Photography

Toddler lifestyle photography 

My son is officially a toddler ( maybe that happened when he started walking 9 months ago?) and the house is basically a disaster filled with constant chatter. And I love it.  He breaks about 39473209587 things a day, hits head a minimum of about 10-15 times a day and thinks its HILARIOUS to poke my belly and yell BELLY HA!

childhood lifestyle photography

I didn't anticipate having such a prankster and since he's also a photographer's kid ( who can't have his face on the internet, oh the agony) he has developed a series of jokes around having his picture taken that while they are very funny the first time, tend to lose their charm after 500 repeats.  

Example 1: run as fast as you can towards the camera as soon as you notice mommy has it out.

Example 2: pretend to kiss the camera lens until you accidently get to close and hit your forehead on it.  Then cry a lot. 

Example 3: make monster faces with accompanying growls until mommy gives up trying to capture whatever adorable thing was happening right before the camera came out. 

Denver Childhood photography

Catching actual relaxed and natural moments of exploration is practically the impossible dream at this juncture in our toddlerhood but like anything difficult, it's SO REWARDING when it happens!!