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A Trip to the Science Museum with Ruby Blair | Denver Lifestyle Photography

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Toddlerhood is just SO MUCH FUN; I spent the other day at the science museum with my own little man and his best buddy, Ruby Blair.  We had so much fun that both babies need a 2.5 nap that day!

Denver lifestyle childhood photography

Ruby was pretty adventurous that day until we got to the dino exhibit....then the fun turned to pure terror. After that scare, she spent a little more time in mom's arms then racing around.  My dude, on the other hand, was undaunted. 

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While my son went totally bananas in the water exhibit, Ruby was more cautious and mostly just observed ( totally valid, those kids were all going NUTS!)

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Ruby's favorite exhibit turned out to be the couches to rest on. She was having some wild times running back and forth while my dude watching with much love. Rubes perked up after that and recovered her bold exploration enough to bravely explore the cafeteria before it was time to take our little adventurers home. 

Science museum lifestyle childhood photography