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Sometimes, as a creative, I get super inspired and impatient. I found a few adorable vintage christening gowns one day while browsing around with my little man and HAD to have them......even though I have no little gal to stuff into them. I was so impatient that day, restless with spring breezes and new ideas so I put up a last minute model call and Ellie's mom answered without any hesitation.

denver child photography 

We met near one of my favorite spots to work and got right down to business. Little Ellie was a serious charmer, with her chubby cheeks and adorable shocked faces. 

toddler child photography denver
cloth diaper toddler life child photography 

Mom was a total sport and when I begged to "toss Ellie in the creek" she was instantly game. Ellie herself was thrilled beyond all reason and never wanted to get back out. 

wild toddlerhood child photography creek denver
toddler child photography 

After much bribery, we managed to get Ellie out of the water and into the second vintage dress; a darling little romper type outfit. It was a perfect fit and Ellie couldn't have looked any cuter!!!! 

baby toddler vintage dress photography 
toddler child photography denver

Towards the end of our very short session, Ellie suddenly had enough of nature ( I am with you girl!) but I couldn't resist grabbing a few images of that sweet chub crying, so precious!!!