Last year, I ran a short lived (and ill thought out) Group On campaign. I didn't really do much advertising at the time and thought, this will be great! It turned out to be great for one reason: meeting Mavis, Neon & Connor.  This little family has been a muse for my year, a joy to work with and a wonderful light in my business. 

denver childhood photography

The joy and love in this little family of three has been contagious. Mom, Neon, always takes care with every session to dress everyone in the perfect not-matching-but-coordinating outfits. Dad, Connor, is always full of hugs, laughs and jokes and of course little Mavis is busy being her hilarious and adorable self. 

When Neon first came in for her consult, she was planning on the Group On deal: a family session with 2 prints. We hit it right off and knew we had to do a First Year plan. Unfortunately for me, Mavis was already 3 months old when we met, so I didn't get the joy of her newborn session. I did, however, get 5 sessions over the course of the next 9 months since mom wisely took advantage of the 50$ minis ( a special bonus for being in the first year plan). Watching Mavis grow this year is truly beautiful to me. I'm genuinely sad that I won't see her every few months, I'm going to miss them. 


Mavis is getting her ABC book soon ( in print as I write this) and it's TOO DARLING.

Another beautiful and unique perk of the First Year plan for me is watching parents growing into their parenthood. Dads becoming confident and bold with their little babies, relaxing into tossing them high and roughly snuggling them after trembling during the newborn session while just holding that precious bundle. Moms embracing the struggle and joy of being the source for their little one; the well of comfort, food, rest and reassurance. Women becoming the mothers they couldn't imagine while holding a screaming infant for the 4th hour in row.

Thank you Neon, Connor and Mavis for giving my a corner in your first year, for sharing the joy, the milestones, the love with me.