I hear it all the time, " How long is this going to take?" paired with a pained but polite expression on good old dads face. Dads are totally awesome, let's just say it, but they are rarely excited to see me.

Most dad's have had a family photo session experience before that left them *not* into it. Or they are just imagining how awful this whole thing is going to be.


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I asked a few dads that I've gotten the chance to work with what they thought about the whole thing. 


When you found out you were scheduled for a family shoot, what did you expect it to be like?

Ezra - Cut and dry, Routine and lack luster with little room to collaborate.

Connor- Somewhat like our engagement and wedding photos. So I felt comfortable in that aspect.

Patrick- I expected it to be fun and different. I know Keziah personally and we have worked with her before so I knew what to expect. I was nervous Brooks would not be cooperative, three year olds are so unpredictable.

What was your worst fear about the session?

Ezra - Coming into the session as an artist, I felt like many traditional shoots came off contrived and kinda cheesy. I didn't want that for ours of course.

Connor-  My biggest fear was that our daughter would not cooperate. She smiles so often, but during our first session she really wasn't her smiley self. That being said, my favorite picture to date didn't even require a smile.

Patrick- Brooks' behavior. Also we were planning an outside shoot and the cold weather was a concern.

What was the session actually like for you?

Ezra - Keziah's artistic vision, professionalism, and execution was fantastic. The rapport with us as parents and clients was smooth, kind and communicative. Ensuring a comfortable collaborative environment was important to us.

Connor- It was reaffirming that this is our family now and that we, in fact, are truly this happy. The fact that we were out in nature was comforting to me, that's where I am most comfortable. And bottom line is I got to hug and kiss the two girls in my life.

Patrick- It was very enjoyable. Keziah was very flexible and we found a great little spot in a coffee shop a few blocks from where we started shooting. It was cold out and Brooks was getting cold. The coffee shop worked out great and it was great to see Keziah go with the flow.

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Denver Lifestyle newborn photography
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It was reaffirming that this is our family now and that we, in fact, are truly this happy.


What surprised you about the session?

Ezra - How friendly, sweet and artistic Keziah was. She was really great at making a anxious, skeptical father feel comforted and and validated while maintaining her flow and professional attitude

Connor- How quickly we were able to get these amazing pictures. It was not long and drawn out like our wedding photos.

Patrick- How enjoyable it was. Keziah is great with Brooks so it takes a lot of the pressure off us as parents. We lover her style. She lets us act as we would at home and is able to capture us while getting great pictures as well. We do not like the typical studio posing and she lets us be "free"

What was your favorite part of the session?

Ezra - Keziah made a beautiful flower arrangement from our garden to surround our son that created a whimsical environment of beauty and grace.

Connor- Just playing with our daughter like we normally do and getting to see the differing perspectives that we often miss.

Patrick- The coffee shop. The ability of Keziah to change her focus and shot some where unexpected was a huge relief for me. She also had a great idea of bringing some of Brooks' toy which worked out great. She got some great shots that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

What was your favorite image from your session and why?

Ezra - The aforementioned "cherub in the flowers" shoot was amazingly gorgeous. But, honestly, every moment caught was special and endearing to us. Finding a new favorite every time was never hard for us!

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Connor-  It was the first session when we actually got home from being outdoors, we went into our bed and took pictures of Mavis there. She was not smiling and was captured in black and white. The sun was coming in through the blinds and onto her face. It just captured the wonderment and innocence in our daughter that you don't see often in life these days.

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Patrick- The one of Brooks by himself outside. There is a glimmer of light in front of him and I dont know what it is about the picture, its just perfect!!

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Would you recommend BabyRose to other dads?

Ezra - Yes

Connor- Yes

Patrick- Yes