This session was a delight! Lila and her whole family were gorgeous, so my job was SO much easier!! Throw in a loving big sister and a proud big brother and you've got sibling magic!  

Doing in-home newborns is just so fantastic; I literally cannot imagine doing it any other way.  It gives me the chance to make images that are a memory, a moment of real life which is inestimable to me as an artist and to the families I work with.  It also gives everyone something to do when it's not their turn with me; bored? go play in the yard, or your room, or the playroom! No Problem!!

I loved the gorgeous light in the house and the warm, natural feel in each nook and cranny. It reminded me of my house growing up in NY, all the wood and the beautiful old windows. I felt right at home and also nostalgic for my own childhood.  I do think some of that feeling in me leaked into the images and I'm glad. I had the most wonderful childhood and have a brain FULL of awesome memories from that house.  

I'm so honored and glad that mom (Lee) allowed me to make images of her nursing Lila. I truly feel that these are some of the sweetest and most precious to make. Babies grow so fast and the time we spent feeding them in our arms is so short. The way they smell, the little noises they make, when they pat or rub your arm while they's all so temporal but so, so precious.