Before I even get into talking about this session, let me just put it out there that this session made me truly, deeply realize how much I absolutely love doing maternity work. It is just the pinnacle to me. I love the anticipation of a new life, i love the glow and joy of a new mama, i love the intense beauty of motherhood. Maybe I'm just a huge softy (maybe???) but maternity work is my hearts work.  

Now, let's just talk about how stunning this mama is!! Kristen volunteered for a model call I put out a few weeks back. I really was struggling with how to pick the 3 ladies for the model call and then I read an article about going with your heart when accepting clients and I knew it was going to be Kristen.  She is just everything you love in a person; sweet, open, warm and welcoming.  


We kicked off the shoot with a few hours of girly time; hair and make up and a stylist to get the perfect outfits and accessories for Kristen. Then, with Kristen's mom's help we got down to work and made some portraits of this special time in a mother's life.

The final set of images reflects not just how beautiful Kristen is ( inside and out) but also, i think, what kind of mother she will be( already is); soft, caring, gentle, joyful and loving .